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Healing Tao USA Heavenly Mountain images

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6,000 lb. Amethyst Geode, largest in the world, in east campus lobby. The chi radiating from this deep purple crystal is worth the trip to Heavenly Mtn.
Dining hall. -M.Malone
East campus dining hall, where Healing Tao meals will be served.
Local wild baby dragon tamed by Cynthia Hart, half-Native American gatekeeper at Heavenly Mtn.
a large meeting hall available to us.
The Emerald Pool a short walk in the woods from our new campus. it promises to become a favorite swimming hole. -M.Malone
River with pure mountain water and a deep "Blue Hole' for swimming, a short hike from campus. -M.Malone
State of the art kitchen. Healing Tao will be hiring its own chef and controlling the food quality. -M.Malone
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