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Healing Tao USA Stonehenge & Scotland images

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Local Druid gives us guided tour. Avebury, 3000 B.C.
High altar. Ruins of Glastonbury Cathedral. Michael & Mary ley lines cross here, great buzz added to qigong.
Ruins of Glastonbury Abbey. Very meditative.
Ruins of Glastonbury Cathedral, seen from my room.
Sunrise on Silbury Hill, 3000 B.C. pyramid.
Silbury Hill, 3000 B.C. pyramid.
Deep Earth Pulsing Qigong on Silbury Hill, 3000 B.C. pyramid.
Sunrise at Autumn Equinox, Stonehenge.
Quinox prayer during Stonehenge ceremony. We rent Stonehenge to get private time inside.
Meditation after Equinox ceremony. Stonehenge, 5000 year old ritual site.
Glastonbury Tor, ruins of St. Michael's cathedral. Standing qigong.
Qigong atop Glastonbury Tor, besides ruins of St. Michael's cathedral.
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