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Embarking on the Natural Way, the Tao, is really quite simple. It's about unfolding who you already are. Unlike most religion, you are not asked to believe in something or someone else who is long dead, that you can't see or feel.

A Daoist first trains in chi kung (qigong) to feel the chi field and understand how it shapes your body and your life. You regulate your breathing, your posture, and calm your mind. This level heals physical disease as your physical chi field comes into balance. Different chi kung forms affect your chi field in different ways. It is good to learn more than one, then you have the pleasure of variety in your daily practice.

As you get more advanced, you study neigong meditations in which your mind cultivates the chi. Daoist Water and Fire ("kan & li") alchemy is a special class of dynamic meditation that shapes and refines your chi field. It connects and harmonizes your Spirits (that's right, your body-mind has more than one!).

There are both yin practices (centered on receiving & stillness) and yang practices (centered on reaching out & dynamic movement). This is an incredibly elegant and profound meditation path that leads to realization of the Mystical Body or Light Body.

Here are some simple rules of thumb to remember while choosing the right video or audio course for you:

  1. If you are very mental type, or very anxious with lots of nervous energy, do mostly physical body movement practices in the beginning. Avoid guiding chi with your mind, your disturbed monkey mind may disturb your chi. The videos from both Chi Kung Fundamentals #1 and #2 are best. These have a series of short chi kung movements that will gradually relax you into your body. From the Fundamentals audio tapes, focus on the inner smile rather than the orbit meditation.
  2. If you have some chi kung background and want to add an internal practice you can do anywhere, anytime, you could start with Internal Chi Breathing and progress to Internal Chi Rooting. Along with ocean breathing technique from Chi Kung Fundamentals, these are also the most powerful methods for opening the belly cauldron (dan tien). The Internal Chi Breathing would help anybody suffering from chronic illness, and can even be practiced by the bedridden. They will deepen any other chi kung, tai chi, or meditation practice. Don't skip them, they will change every breath you take for the rest of your life!
  3. If you are suffering from a serious chronic illness, start immediately with Deep Healing Chi Kung video (formerly titled Medical Chi Kung). Then add the Chi Kung Fundamentals courses afterward. If you facing a terminal illness (like cancer or brain tumor), you need to do as many hours of chi kung daily as possible. A second powerful practice to add after you've learned Deep Healing would be Primordial Chi Kung. For genetic/inherited conditions, try the above, but probably you need to go thru the Fundamentals and Fusions and learn Lesser Kan & Li (inner sexual alchemy) which changes your innate (parental) essence.
  4. If you feel frustrated with Tai Chi, are not really interested in its defense/martial moves, but want a graceful movement practice that quickly transmits a high chi field, go immediately to Primordial Chi Kung video. This form is medium long -- takes 15 to 25 minutes to do, thus requires a deeper committment than Chi Kung Fundamentals forms. But it builds the energy body and spirit body much faster than Tai Chi. Many people make this their major form. This does not replace the excellent Tai Chi Chi Kung form taught by Mantak Chia, which does different things for you. Tai Chi Chi Kung is better for grounding, simple defense applications, and for working the body/joints and training in rooting while moving.
  5. If you are in a hot romantic relationship and want to improve your sexual energy, do the Chi Kung Fundamentals #1 and #2 first and then skip fusion and go to Taoist Secrets of Cultivating Sexual Energy (audio and video). You will get better results than trying the sexual chi kung directly. It is possible to drive sexual chi into the wrong energy channels if you skip the Fundamentals, causing health problems.
  6. If you work as an energy healer or acupuncturist and want to access the deep channels of the body quickly, you could start directly with 8 Extraordinary Vessels Qigong. This includes two other short chi kung forms that are marvelous to teach clients, Nourishing the 5 Shen (for emotional clearing) and Pangu Mystical Qigong (for healing everything, very simple and can be done sitting).
  7. If you want a magical ceremonial movement form to do at sacred times (Solstices, new moon), in holy places (atop the Great Pyramid, in Machu Picchu, at great temples or power points) or at special events (your birthday, religious festivals), the best form is Primordial Chi Kung. It is a lineage chi kung, so the Tao Immortals will come to your ceremony if you are sincere and invite them.
  8. If you are struggling with karmic/astrological forces, or what appears to be evil forces, the Deep Healing Chi Kung may do the trick. It taps into in a simplified form of alchemy using the forces from the earth and sun taught in Greater Kan & LI (dissolves negative thought forms) and Greatest Kan & Li, (resolves malevolent planetary influences).

My courses do NOT cover all the topics taught as part of the Healing Tao curriculum. If you want Chi Nei Tsang, Tai Chi Chi Kung, Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Mantak Chia has excellent books and videos on these and other subjects not covered in my Home Study courses. Or check out his products on topics that overlap and let me know how they worked for you. Go to Healing Tao Traditional Courses or the Bookstore for more information.

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