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I love all spiritual systems, they all work, i.e. they advance your awaremess. But they don't "deliver" the same experience. Many are designed to "transcend" by taking you out of your body. I discovered the hard way that this creates a body-spirit split.

Daoist chi kung and internal alchemy I found to be the most practical (applies to medicine, feng shui, etc.), the most grounded, the most honoring of sexuality and the divine in the human body. Once you understand the alchemical language of jing, chi, shen, and wu - essence, breath, spirit, and the Unknown -- you possess a "spiritual language" for communicating with everything in nature and the Cosmos.

Most systems use complicated mantras in foreign languages or deities shaped by a culturally foreign imagination to do this communication. The Tao is about direct experience of the universal chi field -- right under your nose. Its language is shaped by natural entities like herbs & flowers , animals, mountains and rivers, fire and water, sun and moon, planets, stars and space. But all these natural beings talk to one another using a wave form language of chi. This moving chi field is what connects all of nature into a vast organism.

>Some people want to know, is there a lineage here? Yes, there is a lineage. These alchemical formulas originate with one of the "Eight Immortals" in China -- Lu Dong Bin from Shaanxi province, near the ancient capital of Xian. I personally feel a very deep connection with the Tao Immortals. But more important is that everyone get linked up to the lineage of Nature that is present in every moment, and tranmitting directly to each of us. the Natural Immortals of the Tao are all around us, smiling through their radiant bodies -- sun, moon, earth, & stars, etc. Can you allow them to smile through you?

The focus in Daoist alchemy is on becoming whole or Immortal yourself, not worshipping God(s) separate from you. But all ancient Mystery schools have valuable techniques, and I have integrated these methods from other schools into my alchemical course teachings where appropriate. This is in keeping with the Daoist tradition, which simply absorbed the best elements of Confucianism and Buddhism without changing its core principles. I have done the same with my studies in various mystery schools, while maintaining the core integrity of the Daoist process.

Ultimately, following the Way, the Tao, means following the essence of your own inner being, doing chi kung and meditation to help it unfold naturally and effortlessly. There is really no one to follow other than yourself. It is the path of spiritual freedom, of balance and harmony with nature and society.

If you feel attracted to such a path, I welcome you as a companion on the journey!

May the Inner Light of the Tao Shine Within Us,
Michael Winn
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